Pinwheel Blanket for GTBG
I blame Theraflu

1 Sick Day = 1 Buttonhole Bag

I took a sick day a week ago and whipped up the Buttonhole Bag (pattern on from start to finish. I even took it to the laundromat and felted it. I was so sick! I needed clean clothes too! Anyway, I made it with the Bartlett Yarns Fisherman Yarn that was left over from Haiku, and a blue skein of same. The results were not great. It really didn't felt at all. It just got...fuzzy. Really, really, fuzzy.

This is probably attributed to the following reasons:

1. Laundromats don't have hot enough water.

2. Laundromat machines don't let you control the fill level, and I only have 3 pair of jeans to throw in, so there wasn't enough friction/agitation.

3. The two colors felt at different rates.

4. This yarn may not felt well at all anyway.

Anyway, it is tight enough to carry knitting projects around in, but I wouldn't put in anything very heavy. I still have 2 more skeins of this yellow yarn left, though, that I'm not finding to be suitable for anything. Any suggestions?


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