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My Secret Pal Rocks

Last Friday (yes, it took me a week to get the pics off my camera) I got the greatest box. It was addressed to me and the return label was covered with a little sticker that said "Secret Pal Do Not Remove!" or something like that, so I didn't. Inside was the greatest treasure trove of stuff that I've seen since Christmas when I was 5. And the attention to detail! And the thoughtfulness! Wow. I'm stunned.

In random order: Beads! Pretty brown glass beads and wire! For stitchmarkers!!! And then there was the notepaper that she made herself! With Mucha Lucha characters! Does she realize that my local WB station isn't showing Mucha Lucha anymore and I'm in withdrawal? What a fantastic fix! AAAAANNNDD, she wrapped up two books with paper that she somehow got the same image on in a faint sillouette...I have no idea how she did that but I noticed it and it was very cool! And, have I ever mentioned anywhere on the internet that I love Shrimp Crackers? That I'm in various local Asian grocery stores weekly, and can't resist getting a bag of these crunch goodies? No, I never have mentioned it, but she knows! Yum!

Not in random order because these were so fu&$ing cool - these amazing books on how to make beaded jewelry...IN JAPANESE! Yowza! I swear to god I think I actually jumped up and down when I saw them. They are beautiful and awesome and I have no idea where she found them but I flip through them all time now. I'm thinking of taking them to work with me so a girl I work with who makes jewelry can see them, but not yet - I'm hoarding them. They are my precious and are not going to be lent out - EVER!

Suffice to say, my Secret Pal is the greatest and I can't wait to find out who she is because she must be a really amazing person to be so thoughtful.


Secret Pal

Oh wow. So glad you like the result of my treasure hunt. Hope you are feeling better.
I did not get a chance to clean up the beads and do more with the wrapping before the post office closed. Glad it got there in one piece.

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