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"Normal" People

A couple weekends ago I went to a colonial-era re-enactment kinda thing with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. We go for the shopping, mind you, not for the camping out in tents and cooking over fires and wearing of buckskin. Drive down, pick up some dried gourds, some hand-made herbal hand lotion, maybe a piece of pottery or two, then we're outta there and discussing where to have lunch. I personally am interested in only two booths (lotion and pottery) so the rest of the time I'm pretty much sweltering in the humid June heat and waiting around for my other family members. This time I brought a sock. I stood, waiting, knitting on the sock. I rode in the car while they discussed...whatever they discuss....and I knitted. They looked at me like I was insane. Poor spinster sister, so not involved with life that she has to knit a sock while we stand here in the sun agonizing over which dried gourd would look perfect in our Martha-like kitchens, or on our Martha-like wreaths, being as WASPish as midwestern italian/german-americans can try to be. Silly spinster looks so stupid knitting on her sock while we do what we enjoy. Granted, it did take every shred of willpower I had not to actually knit at the dinner table in the restaurant (because reading wasn't allowed when I was a child I assume knitting is also not kosher) but the thing is, I like spending time with them as people, but I'm just not interested in what they want to do. Or what they're talking about. Sometimes I throw something into the conversation just for fun, just to remind them that there is more to life than HGTV. They'll be discussing family gossip or lawn work or a scone recipe, and I'll bring up the movie I just saw about a pilgrimage in India where 70 million people showed up and that the next one is in 2013 and maybe I'll..... There's silence for a little while, then someone goes back to scones or fencing or housepaint.

When I get home I go online and read knitting blogs - where people understand me, where knitting a sock in the middle of a field next to a 200 year old fort, surrounded by women in Laura Ingalls dresses (holding cell phones, mind you) makes perfect sense. Where people understand that knitting can keep you from grabbing family members by the shoulders to shake them and shout into their saucer-shaped eyes "THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THE WREATH ON YOUR DOOR!" Where you can write all about what is wrong with the people who you love the most and they will never find it because they don't "need" internet for anything other than eBay. Knitting is for those of us who need something to do with our hands in order to still our minds - and isn't that all of us, really?

Anyway, thank you to all of you who have knitting blogs and help me to feel normal. You're the best. I hope to meet you at a sheep festival real soon. :)



You're not the only one. I get all kinds of crap from my father for always knitting when we spend quality family time together, but it's not like I'm listening to him ramble any less than before - I just have something to keep my hands busy.

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