Secret Pals 5 Questionnaire
Yikes! 2 weeks left!

Secret Pal 5 - Initial Contacts

I've heard from my secret pal and have contacted the one I was assigned. So far so good! The woman that I'm the secret pal for and I have so much in common it's almost creepy. Really. And I told her so in my first e-mail and now I think I probably creeped her out. Did I gush too much? Did I sound like a total geek? Don't you hate communicating with someone that you've never met and not knowing if they get your sense of humor or if they are put off by something that you thought was completely innocent? Not that I did any of that, but there's always the anxiety of doing so. I'm not an actively social creature for these reasons, even though if the world were the way I want it I would have cocktail parties with waiters carrying trays and bartenders in red jackets every weekend, and invite all kinds of interesting people to mingle and discuss fascinating topics and look at the amazing original paintings on the walls when they couldn't think of something to say; all of this taking place in my fabulous Manhattan apartment on the 30th floor with a view of the park. Sigh. As it is I hardly let anybody come over. The Monk said that my home is like my cave and I guard the entrance. Yeah...what's your point? So, things like Secret Pal that allow me to interact with people that I've never met and would probably really like is a wonderful thing. And, I love giving people gifts and don't get to nearly enough so this is perfect for me. She loves pink and brown and I immediately thought of some Handpainted Yarn that I saw a while back, so I searched their website and eBay for it, to no avail. Then I was reading her blog and there it was - she already has some. Oh, well. Lots of time.



I think its normal for people to get excited about meeting someone they have a lot in common with, even if it is just over the internet. Don't feel wierd. It happens to me all the time. Life is so busy our "real life" friends tend to be people we work with, which is circumstancial, not related to how much we have in common. So I myself get really tickled when I meet someone who shares a range of opinions and experiences with me. Good luck with finding a gift. Shopping for "the perfect gift"is always a lot of fun :)

Secret Pal

I've been reading your knit blog. Boy you have been knitting up a storm. How did you get started with your charity knitting? (I haven't read your other blogs yet in case you have mentioned it there.)

What a find with the Noro yarn. How about a striped child sweater with all the skeins of yarn? Or you can pair it with a solid yarn and use the Noro as a stripe accent across the chest and sleeves of a raglan. How about using two skeins for a scarf? The colorways would make for an interesting mix.


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