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Darn my big feet

Dscn1023Well, the first sock is done, and I absolutely love it. But there's a problem. I want the socks to match. I want the same colored stripes in the same place. It's really hard to see in a picture, but if you had the actual sock in front of you, you'd be able to see that the stripe at the top of the sock is repeated somewhere around the middle, and then again (unfortunately) at the toe. The red stripe at the very toe should be the top of my next sock. But I have big feet, so there it is. Which means that I would have to bypass the yarn for 1/2 a sock to get to the same colors again to start the next one, which just can't happen. So I had to order another ball. Hopefully the color I need will be somewhere near the beginning and I might squeak out another pair with the left-overs from both balls. If not, these are very expensive socks.


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