Monk Knitting
Finally - Blanket Time

Camille (without the coughing)

I've been cloistering myself lately, for good reason, so my posting has been negligible. I've been knitting, though. My bedroom is a cat-free zone so while I was doing my Camille imitation I got lots done on the Monk-in-the-Desert Afghan. Well, not lots, but a full color row, which is a lot considering it's 32 rows, 5 feet across. I've finished the green and have started on the yellow. (For those playing along at home, it's Knitpicks Andean Silk in Cinnamon, Bluebell, Barn Red, Lettuce, and now Mustard. Five more colors to follow! Stay tuned!)

I also started a new wrap with the yarn I had bought for the Sunset Wrap that was not really suited for that purpose. I'm loving it - pic soon. I gave up on using the Alpaca Cloud (Tidepool) for it's second (failed) intended purpose. Giving my difficulties with Madli's Shawl as well, I'm wondering if I should be using lace-weight yarn yet. I'm just not very good with it. I fight with it the first few rows and then the love is gone before the getting is good. I'm thinking about using the two hanks I have (thank g*d I didn't buy more!) for the lace scarf/shawl thing in Scarf Style. The triangular one. It's blue. You know what I mean. But not for a while yet.

So, the Spinster is still here, and still knitting, but will probably be out of touch for a while. I've got a thing going on at Spinster where I post an interesting pic and challenge the usual readers to caption it. Feel free to join in!


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