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Monk Knitting

Dscn1119The monk has been on my mind lately, so I'm working on his afghan. A little progress has been made, but not much. The main problem is that he's allergic to cats, so I have to work on it outside the home. Here it's draped on my office chair after the 2 rows I completed today. During the average lunch hour I can get 2 rows finished. So...ugh, should take 283 lunch hours to finish, so that's... 56.6 weeks. Obviously, that's just not going to work. So, I'll be out knitting during the evenings for a while - at least until I'm tired of this and want to work on something else. Anyone else have a do-or-die project that they'll be working on intensely over the next few weeks? I think I'm going to try the Kayak's SnB on Sunday. Tomorrow I'll probably drag it to Cine 16. Tonight, if it doesn't rain, would be a great night for knitting on a picnic blanket somewhere pretty. Anyone game?


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