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One degree less of a slacker

My Secret Palee (seriously, what do you call the person for whom you are a secret pal?) got her first package from me on Friday. I am not a slacker - I swear! First of all, I'm into themes. I had some ideas in my head, and then I had to find the stuff. Then some questions came up, and I needed answers. Then I had the whole thing packaged up, and it turns out that I had more-than-slightly overdrawn my account, and I couldn't afford to MAIL the darn thing. Yes, I'm a loser. That's why Thinster exists - for me to get my messy life in order. Funny thing is, her second package has been ready to go too, but I don't know whether to mail it now or wait until the end of the month for the big reveal. I'm thinking mail it now. I can't wait - I'm like a kid that way when it comes to gift-giving. I love it. I could probably come up with another themed box-o-goodies by the end of the month, anyway. What do you think?



I call mine a spoilee, so then I have a spoiler and a spoilee?

Your whole entry is a link. I kept freaking out trying to leave a comment and going to your FO Gallery :)


AAAH your whole page is a link. Where am I? Who am I?

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