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Opposing Corners

OK, there's enough of the Striped Felted Bag to show you how I was going to make the corners more "cornery" and how I failed. I'm not unhappy with the result - it's just the exact opposite of what I was going for.


The plan, the pattern, the design, the folly was this: knit along the side, do a left slanting decrease, a left slanting increase, a purl, a right slanting increase, a right slanting decrease, continue knitting along. I had hoped that the slanted stitches would cause the purl column to "pop" out a little more and make a nice sharp corner. Nope. I seemed to have forgotten everything I know about ribbing. The purl stitch recedes! So now I have a kind of a corner pleat. Four of them, actually. But, like I said, it's not bothering me. It was just an experiment.


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