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Vintage is Cool


How fun are these????


Smoking in a knitting pattern book?? The Horror!!!

I'm really liking this one, and was excited about the pattern being listed in my size until I saw their conversion:

Yikes! Sizes have changed a lot, huh? I'd heard that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12, but this puts that in a whole different perspective.

And where, you ask, did I find such vintage goodness? eBay? No. Used bookstore? Nope. On my doorstep! My Secret Pal struck again, and she has perfect aim! Not only did I get these fun books, but she also took lots and lots of TIME to search for twin set patterns that might be my size. How kind and thoughtful and attentive is that? I am really looking forward to meeting this amazing person.


Secret Pal

Hi Secret Pal:
Thought you might get a kick out of those pattern books. Not sure if you can resize the vintage jacket to fit. I thought you might like a couple of the men patterns for your boyfriend too. (After the hoodie is completed.). Sorry about the vintage 'scent' on the books. I did not know how to remove the smell.

The twin sets should be of current size. I really like the lace one and may one day (wayyy down the road) knit a set for myself. It's so eye catching. ;-0

Secret Pal


Sewing is pretty much like that--hasn't changed sizing like the readymade world has. It was quite the shocker when I started making my own clothing.

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