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After being inspired by Mai (fellow Urban Knitter), I've dived into Double Knitting. My first project is this checkerboard cap. I've had this Peruvian Wool from Elann for a while (turns out it wasn't enough of each color for what I wanted it for) so stashbusting is also a welcome benefit of this project. Here's the pics:


Where's the trouble, you ask? Well, I didn't bring along the yarn for one stitch on the inside, so there's a red dash in a field of blue. There are a couple of holes. The laddering at the dpn splits is concerning me. But most of all, if you read the pattern as I did when I had gotten this far, there are no instructions for how to finish it. None. Nada. Not a clue is granted as to how one decreases a double knit hat. I've e-mailed the author; hopefully she gets it and can help me.



The show Knitty Gritty had an episode on double knitting. There are instruction on binding off here:,2025,DIY_14141_3595387,00.html.
Hope that helps.


I think it looks great so far! And I love the way you take pix of your WIPs.

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