A $26,000 Swift
Spin Envy



Hey! Guess what came in the mail today? THANK YOU! It's fantastic. I'm overwhelmed. I've lusted over those baskets forever. And the Japanese book- so awesome! Thanks again.

By the way, could you try lightly felting (probably by hand) this to make it shrink up a bit? Just thinking out loud.


That would work with this yarn, I'm sure, except it's a fit problem as well. The place where the mitten fits into the web of my thumb is up way too high - the thumb of the mitten really only covers the tip of my thumb. That was a nice suggestion, though. My gauge was off by an entire stitch per inch. The new mitten (alone in this world, so far) fits very nicely after making that "minor" adjustment.

I'm glad you liked the box. Again, I'm sorry that it was so incredibly late. (For those of you just tuning in, this is my SP5 spoilee, who received her last package from me about 6 weeks late. I suck.)

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