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December 2005

First Blocking Experiment

This post is rather short on all the pictures you may be looking for if you've Googled yourself here (as 90% of my readers seem to do.) Frankly, as I was doing this blocking on Christmas Eve, you can imagine that taking the time to chronicle the event was not as important as getting the damn. thing. to dry.


Yes, that's a big green blob of green cotton with wires sticking out of it soaking in my bathtub. Hey, it worked. I couldn't imagine how one would get wires to go through a wet cotton edging for 8' on each side, so I put three wires through 1/3 of each side while it was still dry, folded it into thirds, and tossed it into the tub. After a few minutes I wrapped a (green) towel around it and stood on it. Yes, I stood on it. I figured that would get most of the water out and not disturb it too much. I spread it on my queen size bed (more green towels) where it reached from head to foot exactly, and armed with pins and a yardstick forced it into submission. It took a full 18 hours to dry with the ceiling fan going full blast above it.


It was all worth it. I wish I had a lovely picture of it hanging somewhere so you could really see the Cathedral Window stitches (which should appeal to my Baptist grandmother) but the weather is too icky to take it outside and I have to wrap it Merry Xmas!