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February 2006

The Bode Miller of Olympic Knitting

I didn't train. I didn't hydrate. I didn't pace myself. By day three of the Knitting Olympics my right elbow was protesting, by day five it was over. I wouldn't finish my event. I was all washed up, my once so-promising knitting career in a shambles. Was it the nightlife (watching the daytime stuff all night because I don't have cable)? Was it the socializing? (What socializing - I was in my apartment in front of the TV the whole time.) Was it the expectations of the press? (No, frankly they really didn't care.) So what was it? Overconfidence. I honestly believed that I could knit for 8 straight hours every day. So. Not. True. Even though the event was cotton wraps, and my equipment was top-of-the-line Addi Turbos, perhaps the size 8 needles weren't right for the current conditions. The bobbles that were added to the program for extra points may have actually held me back. Lack of consistent coaching was also a factor. Frankly, I didn't take the advice I was given seriously. I hang my head in shame and apologize to the fans, the sponsors, my teammates...wait. Maybe I'm not so like Bode after all.