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If it hadn't been for Purl...

I want to share something that I read on another blog. This one paragraph, these 4 sentences, are what got me out of the house to see The Harlot, to Urban Knitters, to Seven/24, and to Free Candy this weekend. And it felt really good.

This is how it goes when you get your heart broken, and your ass increases in both density and volume, and you go to a place of solitude and wallowing -- a place where sure, if I were stronger and better and perhaps medicated, I would not have to go. But alas. I'm just a person, a pretty regular person, with challenges of my own and that's what happened. Locked the doors. Looked down.

Isn't it amazing and reaffirming and uplifting when you read something that explains exactly how you feel? Granted, it makes you wish that you could write like that, but it's a good, good thing to know that you're not the only one. So, thanks, Laurie, for your words, and for your friends who got you out of the house. They got me out of mine too.



Hi Jenn,
We are all glad you got out of the house to see the Harlot! By the way - you can and do write that way too! How goes the wrap/stole progress?

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