The Almighty Harlot
If it hadn't been for Purl...

Steph, have you seen this?

Yesterday I got a sweet comment from "Barbara in Nova Scotia" and I thought, "Hmm. Nova Scotia. How cool." Then I remembered the map. I put one of those clustrmaps on the blogs on Wednesday, the same day that Stephanie came to St. Louis. This is what it looked like after day one:


Then she linked to the blog.


Then the next day:


Now, I realize, of course, that this has absolutely nothing to do with me and is merely a reflection of the Harlot Power. But isn't it cool? When I saw the map on the second day, you know what my thought was? "Seriously? No one knits in Africa?" And who's that lonely knitter in South America? Singapore, Iceland, Egypt. So very, very cool.

So Steph, I'm thinking that the next time you need a ball of Kidsilk Haze from a particular dye lot, you aren't going to have any problem finding it.



amazing! we are all linked - as the harlot stated - that's a lot of knitting mojo!


Cool map! & I'm not surprised by how much a mention on the Yarn Harlot's blog ups your post count.

Behold the power of knitting!

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