If it hadn't been for Purl...
My Friend Mandy

A Mouse Tail

Hanging from Maggie's mouth. Its head lolling from the other side. Mitsy right behind her announcing the victory. Both tails up high and straight like parade flags. The prey had been captured, the enemy vanquished, the toy-that-moves-by-itself was theirs.

Me? Oh, I was just standing naked in the shower, toweling off, screaming, "No no no no no no no no no no no no don't you dare drop that in this tub!" Then I realized that this was behavior that I actually need to reinforce, what with the stash and all, so I said, "Good kitty. Now, go...elsewhere with it." Big green eyes just looking at me, like, "Huh?" The tail moved. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!" A flick of the towel was a little clearer to her walnut-sized brain. So off they went, a skip in their steps, to play with their toy. By the time I was dressed they were looking for it again. Oh, joy.



Hey - is that the My So Called Scarf I see in the sidebar?


I realize the entry above had NOTHING to do with the mouse and the cat .. can you tell I get easily distracted? so, to make amends - definitely behaviour you want to encourage (as I have 3 barn cats who can't be bothered to chase a mouse for anything)! I also would have pulled the shower curtain off while SCREAMING at the top of my lungs (visions of neighbors calling the police and fire department kind of screaming come to mind)..

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