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I'm in Oklahoma City on business and I never got the promised pictures ready, so I'm giving you another little taste of Peru. This woman was sitting alone on the church steps in Pisac. It was raining at this point, and her face is blurry because of water on the camera lens. Last time I went to the dentist I thought of her toothless smile and decided that a novacaine shot is really not that bad.

I broke down and ordered a new photo software cd off of ebay, which hopefully will be there when I get home. Then you'll be absolutely inundated with pictures. My first etsy purchases arrived, and I've got Project Spectrum pictures, a couple FOs to show off, and I need your help deciding which buttons to put on the little pink sweater I've almost finished, but it's a little hard for you to choose when you can't see them, isn't it? The long weekend should help me catch up. So, check back soon.

Oh, what am I doing in Oklahoma? Checking out our pharmacy. The place is amazing. At one time it was FedEx's largest daily pickup in the whole state of Oklahoma. Yeah, that's a lot of drugs. No, silly, I didn't get any samples. I like my career too much. I feel a lot better about taking over this project now that I know what they've been talking about. I hate feeling like I'm faking it all the time, but others tell me that everyone feels like that. I'm not sure that I believe it, but if you feel this way at your job, share! We'll commiserate.



"THEY" all assume we know what is going on because they are also faking it! where I work I keep telling them that I should not be allowed to have scissors much less RUN WITH THEM! but they keep on giving me more projects -so, I keep running with pointed ends out (just in case I fall I don't want to hurt myself you know).


Yep, I'm with Anna, "THEY" don't have a clue either! But, they are much worse at faking it than us chicks! I'm with you though, definiely a "hands-on"-need-to-see-the-big-picture kind of girl! (PS- you seem familiar too, maybe Un of Tulsa in the early 90's or Wash U in the late 90/00's? We'll have to chat...)

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