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Now, Where Was I?

Unlike a book, where you can pick it up and open it to wherever you left off and just go on reading, picking up a knitting project that you haven't touched in so long that you don't recognize the poor thing is a little difficult. Fletching is made from 10 repeats of a 32 row pattern, and if you didn't mark what row you were on, say, last August, it's a little tricky to get back into.

I really love it, though. I mean, LOVE. Like, I may wear it to bed the day that I finish it. I have plans for another in a brick red color (and a different pattern.)

When I picked it up again it reminded me of the Japanese Festival and sumo wrestlers. Why? You know why. Because that's what was around me the last time I had it out. And it reminds me of the moment when I realized that the cup holder in the arm of my folding chair is the perfect size to hold a ball of Cotolino. This is only exciting to knitters, yes, but if you've ever chased a ball across grass in a crowd of a few hundred people, then you realize my joy in not having done just that. Now it also reminds me of meeting Anna and seeing the Yarn Harlot in person. I wonder what else it will remind me of before it's finished.



Hi Jenn..

Not that it matters (much) but I find it so coincidental that you have such an intereset in the Japanese culture/people..cuz - did I mention that my mother is Japanese!

Timothy (aka THE guild guy)

Given the number of St Louis knitting blog people, I've created a St Louis Knits blogring. Check out and please join up!


Hey, Thanks for putting a link to my blog - I'll get one up for you when I get back to updating my blog sometime this year! Love reading your blog and meeting you at Harlot. We'll have to get together with Anna and knit sometime! Shannon


I love how yarn can hold such personal memories. I try to start a new project every time I go on vacation so that I associate that garment with happy times!

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