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One Tidy Corner

Dscn2809That's all I've got. I was searching for a knitting book last night and couldn't find it in the stacks of precarious disorder in my "craft corner" so I pulled it all out and redid it. It is, no exaggeration, the only clean and organized spot in my entire apartment.

On the top are all my chess games (modern, chinese, japanese and the pieces for Korean) and my Go stones and board, the middle is knitting and beading (I do that when my arm hurts too much to knit) and the bottom is ... more knitting. There is an entire separate small chest of drawers for my counted cross-stitch stuff in another room, but I hardly do that anymore. (I still buy the patterns, though.) Where's the stash? In a big wicker hamper in my bedroom. Yarn sorted by type in zippable sweater bags. Of course, my room is such a mess I can't get to the hamper without climbing over 6 other things....

Hmm. That top shelf looks crooked, doesn't it? It didn't look that way to me when I took the picture. Let's all hope I don't come home to two kitties batting go stones and chess pieces all over the floor.



seriously, jenn, if you need some, i have tons extra of that omega cotton stuff. i've got yellow, purple, pink. and i don't really know what to do with it otherwise! how is crochet thread useful in knitting?


Jenn, at least you now know where to find all your stuff! me - I finally found that 4th ball of SoHo for the my so called scarf! Only took me 3 days..but I found the bugger...

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