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The absolutely only reason that I haven't been blogging is my camera/computer situation. My old laptop has the camera software, the new laptop has the internet connection. So the routine is to download the pictures and "fix" them on the old one (which is so old it cannot be moved - literally - or it freaks out, and the usb port is wrecked so it has to sit in a big docking station on my dining room table) then move them to a flash drive and put them on the new laptop that I can take somewhere and connect to the internet. (Gave up my land line long ago.) This is all because I'm a disorganized mess and can't find the damn cd that came with my camera. I tried downloading the software from Nikon, but it doesn't want to unzip because I don't have the folders it wants. Gah! I should also mention that both of these laptops belong to my office and I shouldn't be putting pictures on them anyway. I'm going to get my own someday... I swear!

So, anyway, I'm knitting lots of green stuff for Project Spectrum, all of which were WIPs except for Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style. And Knitorious has Lornas Laces so I had to get some of that and I'm going to try to do 2 toe-up socks at the same time on circs. I'm a little intimidated, so if someone wants to meet up at a Starbucks or something and get me started, that would be worth lots more than the price of a latte to me. I'm fine with dpns, but the idea of getting both socks finished at the same time is pretty enticing.

This Sunday I'm meeting up with some other spinners/knitters/bloggers and I'm really excited about it. My Saturday group has lost its lustre for me - the people I really liked don't seem to go anymore and the people that I don't like always seem to be there (except November!!! kiss kiss) so it will be nice to go knitting without having my being shredded for someone else's pleasure and self-rightous ego-trip. (Long story that I'll spare you. She doesn't like me. She doesn't have the self control not to display it. I'm tired of it.) But Christina, Joselyn, Davina, Elizabeth, Amanda - if you ever show up let me know!! There are lots of people who are probably perfectly nice, but since I so rarely go now I don't know them very well. I'm seriously thinking of starting a thing at my place where we can relax and drink martinis and watch movies and just hang out and knit rather than subject ourselves to the kinder-care-from-hell that Hartford is on a Saturday. Or we could just sit on the couches at The Famous Bar and let John take great care of us. Hmmm. There's no vacuuming involved in that scenario....

Anyway, just wanted to check in. I broke my toe on Sunday and I'm feeling a little down, what with the pain and the limping and all, and reading other people's blogs is always fun and interesting to me, and I feel a little guilty that I hadn't updated for a while. Pictures next time, I promise.



I wish I could help you on the 2 socks on circulars. I'm just learning the one sock on a circular right now. Have you done that or are you just jumping right in with the 2?


I'm new to the blogging thing...but have learned blogs are the place to be for great laughs. And we all seem to have much in common. The couch and movie sounds like a good idea to me, but I live in the middle of nowhere so the odds of my finding another knitter are slim....let alone a whole group!! Where are you located?? I just ordered the magic loop because it came with instructions.......I have no yarn store within 70 miles...so I decided that was the way to go. I can do the 4 needle thing but it's such a pain in the ***!! I'm hoping the loop is easy enough to do two at a time on once I learn the technique. I love the idea of avoiding second sock syndrome! Good luck finding someone to give you hints !


I am so sorry I'm going to miss you at Anna's this weekend - I'll be in Tulsa starting Thurs. I would love to meet up with you and knit and chat somewhere if you are ever interested! I'm always looking for an excuse to do that... Sorry I'm no help on the 2 circs - I just started my first pair of sox on DPN's...so far so good!


I've done 2 socks/2 circs before using a pattern from Knitpicks. I didn't like the toe, so I substituted one of Wendy's toes from the Knitty article about toe-up socks, I cheated, though, and turned the heels on dpns before putting them back on the circs to finish the cuffs. If I can help, let me know!

Pat K

Thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting on the lace challenge post. It's great when I know at least one person has caught something I slipped into it. Good luck with all your endeavors.

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