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Chilly orphans all over the world, and guess what my next knitting assignment is. This weekend, while celebrating my younger sister’s birthday (why does the fact that she’s getting older freak me out more than the fact that I’m getting older??) I was talking about knitting some dog sweaters for my aunt. (Yes the aunt of the horrible unwanted gifts.) She's dropped hints of dog sweaters, and if it keeps her from getting nasty on Christmas, so be it. Turns out they want sweaters for their dog too! My BIL wants one ala Paris Hilton/any of the Gabor sisters – pink sparkly yarn with a hood and anklets made of white fluffy furry stuff. My sister wants one more along the lines of a classic aran sweater. The only dog sweater pattern I have is from the first issue of Knit.1. I think I could make it work for both. I’d just cast on more stitches for the cabled one to keep the size the same. I think. And washable cascade 220 seems to be my best bet. Anyone have any experience knitting dog sweaters that they could share? Anyone else think my sister and her husband are nuts?



I saw a comment you left at the Yarn Harlots about not having a good spot to block.

I purchased a sheet of the pink insulation that is used underneath siding in home construction. It cost about 10 bucks, Home Depot cut into 3 pieces of varying sizes (the kid thought I was nuts) and I can store it in the basement. It works beautifully.


Chilly orphans say "make us warm"

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