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August 2006

Stitches '06: Prelude



After taking the train in from St. Louis (which ended up saving us from the nightmare of flying home during a red-level security period) the first day was spent sightseeing. First the Art Institute, where I got my Impressionism fix and saw some things in the Japanese Gallery that my parents had always skipped. Seeing a tiny knitting basket on a table in one of the Thorne Rooms was cool too. Lunch in the courtyard. Why does beer always taste better outside? Explored Millenium Park and took lots of pictures of the sky and the local architecture reflected in the big metal jellybean thingy. Then I went to Chinatown, where I walked around and forgot to take any pictures. Took the trolley to Navy Pier to see the Stained Glass Museum that I usually can't fit in to my Chicago trips. Turns out that there was a Tall Ships event in town, and it was the last day, so I lucked out. They were moored all along the pier and even in the river up to Wacker. Lastly, as I headed to the Blue Line station, I walked into Marshall Fields to see it one last time before Macy's strips it of its name and its charm. And forgot to take pictures.