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You Know A Project Has Been A WIP For Too Long When

Dscn3460you can't remember what size you were making. My mind won't accept the amount of math needed to start from the cast-on and figure out how many stitches I'd have if I were making the different sizes, so I'm just going to continue knitting around and around and around for 10 more inches until I decide what size I think I was making. It's not that I don't know what size I am, it's that I don't remember how big I wanted this to be. This is the top-down tunic by "Knitting Pure and Simple" and is a great pattern for watching subtitled movies (which I watch 90% of the time.) It's also a very dark brown, but I had to lighten the pic so you could see that it. The yarn is some Austerman stuff that I got cheap from Elann, but it's not very soft. Hopefully it will soften with washing, or it won't matter what size it is because I won't wear it and will end up sending it to Mongolia.

And thanks for all the comments last week! Some of those stitches posts took hours to do with all the pics and linkage and everything, so it's nice to know when someone is reading!



Subtitle Movies and knitting, such a difficult match. I have that problem because I also like to scrap when I watch movies but alas, the ones with subtitles i tend to try to just watch. I don't tend to like to sit still so it tends to be a challenge.
It was great meeting you on Saturday.


At least you know what the pattern was...

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

I recently re-found some truely ancient WIP's, that I probably last actually worked on in college. Size wise, the only thing I can definately say that the size I was intending them to be is MUCH smaller than the size I am now.

Good luck with your sweater! (My finds are just going to be frogged, as I'm sure that my gauge has also changed in the last mumblety-mumble years, in addition to my sweater size.)

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