Cabled Coat - Day 28
One Row Forward, Two Rows Back

Can't Wear Khaki

No pics, but be assured that the Cabled Coat now has two sleeves and is awaiting blocking. After that, the hood gets knitted on, then that gets blocked. Then the ribbing/button band and then... sewing it together. THEN it will be done. I might block it this weekend, but I'm only home on Saturday, so we'll have to see.

I have an ungodly early flight on Sunday to New Jersey. It's a work trip, but the early flight gives me a day in Philadelphia, where I plan to see Loop, Rosie's Yarn Cellar, Independence Hall, and maybe an archeology museum at one of the campuses if I can find out where exactly it is. You notice, I'm sure, that I listed yarn stores first. If you, by chance, live in New Jersey and can recommend any stores in Trenton, Newark, or really anywhere near a prison, please let me know. Yes, near prisons. I get to visit every single prison in the state of New Jersey next week. All 16 or so of them. Why? I'm making sure that there are computers, network jacks and outlets where they should be for a software package my company is rolling out. Silly? Oh, yeah. This whole trip is on the sayso of a couple of developers who were there and think that everything might not be as it should. But they didn't actually WRITE IT DOWN or anything, so they're sending me, a woman with both a B.A and a B.S., to make sure there are electrical outlets where they want them. Even I think I'm a little overqualified for this gig, but heck, I'm getting airmiles. So, my days will be pretty packed with walking through riot gates and scribbling on my clip board and driving and paying tolls and such, but if you know of any can't miss stores, preferably with evening hours, let me know.

After checking out what yarn stores are in the vicinity, the next logical step in planning a business trip is to decide what knitting projects to pack. The baby sweater isn't coming because none of the remaining stages sound fun while traveling, so I get to bring something else. This week I've been working feverishly on Clapotis II, but I don't think I'll have it finished in time to wear, and it's too big to bring. Sooooo, what else to do but start something new! I'm going to start Kiri this week, ensuring that I can get it started and into the pattern without confusion, and I'll take that along with the Red Scarf just in case I do run into trouble. I've wanted to do Kiri for a long time. I got the yarn from Knitorious after their big move, the last three balls in the bronzey color of KSH, and it's been calling to me like you wouldn't believe. Well, YOU would.

So, I'll try to post some pics before Sunday, but no promises. Friday I'm checking out the local Weavers Guild Sale which I've never been to. Doing anything with Anna and Robyn is fun, so this should be a blast. Saturday will be spent shopping for clothes that are not khakis, which is most of my work wardrobe and also what the inmates wear, so new work clothes are necessary. Dammit. But hey, now you can say you know someone who had to shop for new clothes because she didn't want to get shot leaving a prison. And you thought your friends were dull.



Have fun on the trip!


Geez, my life is soooo boring in comparison. Best I can say is that I used to be around Morphine & Codine on a regular basis!

I'm going to meet you girls on Friday at the Fiber Sale & yes, anything with Robin & Anna is fun!


Hey maybe you can hang up the spinster title after this trip :P
Apparently orange jumpsuits out, khakis in this year in prison wear...who knew....

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