Can't Wear Khaki
I Couldn't Make This Up If I Tried

One Row Forward, Two Rows Back

Kiri_1Kiri is kicking my arse. Yeah, that's another bad RZR picture, but it doesn't matter because it's all been frogged and shoved back in its project bag for a good long time-out. After the first 6 rows or so, every time I finished a row I'd count the stitches and they were fine. Then I'd do the purl back row, still fine. Then I'd do the next pattern row and I had the wrong number of stitches. So I'd tink it back. Still the wrong number, so I'd tink back the purl row. Then I found what was wrong, usually an extra or missing YO, then I'd go again. And everything would be fine until I started the NEXT row, and we'd do our little mohair dance to the tune of some seriously dark muttering. I got through 8 rows in 2 hours. These are teeny tiny 20 - 40 stitch rows. These are bad, bad rows. So I frogged it and now it better be contemplating if it wants to grow up to be a very pretty shawl or if it would rather stay sealed in a plastic bag until I die and it ends up at Goodwill. I think the idea of squeaky 1970's yarns made from petroleum products sharing its shelf might be enough to get it to behave. (It turned its nose up at Knitpicks yarn already, and that's natural fibers. Rowan KSH is so stuck up.) I'm seriously considering stringing through a lifeline EVERY row. OK, maybe every other row. But I've got a whole thing of pink embroidery floss getting to know it in the bag. I hope they'll be friends.

On the travel front, this Spinster is going to brave the NJ transit system and visit NYC on Thursday night to check out Purl and The Point. Rebecca at The Point was very sweet and sent me directions. How can I not buy something now? I'm secretly hoping for a Thumper sighting. Famous bloggers, NYC, and 16 prisons all in one trip? Be still my heart.



Kiri -- kicked mine too the first time through... I've got like 20 or so inches of one in my closet too..


Have a great time and keep us posted on the non-khaki wearing adventure. Great seeing you tonight - we need to do this more often!

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

I'll let you in on a little secret. I CHEATED on those missing/extra YOs. Whenever I ran across an extra, I'd double check to be sure it was indeed extra. If so, then I would just drop it. Yep. Deliberately dropping stitches does indeed feel weird. That's why I always double checked first.

If I ran across a missed YO, I'd pick up the stitch for it. Or pick it up & then knit the purl row one for it too. Yes, it makes the tension in that one spot a smidge bit different, but it all becomes invisible in the blocking. At least it did for me on my Kiri. (& hopefully on Hidcote too, because I've occasionally had the same YO issues with it as well.)

The other thing that can happen is that the YO accidently gets dropped when you are doing the purl row, especially if you have to set your knitting down right before you reach one of the YOs.

I've also heard of people keeping DPNs handy for this, to re-knit just the missing/extra YO & a stitch or two on either side, in order to spread out any possible issues with a stitch's worth of missing/extra yarn. DPNs a size smaller to re-knit missing YOs & DPNs a size larger for using up extra yarn with extra YOs, but I have never bothered to go to quite that extreme.

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