I Couldn't Make This Up If I Tried
A Brief Respite

Today Was Worse

Hard to believe, isn't it? That today could be worse? Well, when you're out of town, due to fly home in a couple days, and are working at places where you have to present a government-issued photo id to walk in the door, losing your drivers license can really, really, REALLY suck. I have no idea where it is. We've searched the car. I tore my room apart. It's not here. Fortunately I have a DOC id from another state that got me into the facilities today, so I could still do what I have to. A friend with keys is going into my desk at home and finding my old license and fedex-ing it to me. That way I can come home without driving this big gas guzzler all the way back to St. Louis. I can't afford $40 a tank!

On a positive note, Kiri has decided to play nice.




Seriously girl, you have some bad MOJO in the state of NJ...What did you do to deserve that?? (Be careful nonetheless and have a good rest of the trip, if you can!)


There's only so much cheesecake a girl can eat. You might have to move on to the ice cream.

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

Ah, man! That really bites! The only thing worse would be losing your passport overseas. It's good that you have a friend who can get you your old license.

I'm glad Kiri is finally playing nice, at least.

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