Not Your Cake!
From the Ranks of the Unemployed

Out of Commission

I hadn't been blogging because my camera isn't working. But as of today I won't have computer access. I got fired today. "Restructured" I believe is the term, since it had nothing to do with me or my performance. But it will be a while before you hear from me.



WTF. That is nasty. You're good at what you do, you'll be ok, but allow yourself time to grieve. I'm sorry, but please don't stop writing. I was hoping you were ok since you hadn't written for a bit. Hang in there.


jenn, i'm so sorry. hang in there!


That stinks! Could they possibly have any more lousy timing than that? I hope they gave you a decent severence package at least!

Best of luck finding an even better job.


Whoa! Nice timing there. Have a Merry Christmas and here's your pink slip? Jeez. Good luck finding a job, Jenn.


Jenn. I'm one block over. Come have a glass of wine. Maggie will lick your face to say "I LIKE you a LOT!". I won't lick your face but I will pour the second glass. Come on over.


That is so not cool! I sent some sites to Anna for maybe some leads for jobs. I'll keep wracking my little blonde head and see what else I can come up with! E-mail me your contact info and I'll see what I can do...


Oh man that sucks. I'm so sorry...


Boo on them--whoever they were--at Christmas too. Hang in there :)

Kat with a K

Oh no! Hope things look up soon.

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