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Checking In

It's been a while, but the lack of camera and lack of knitting don't lend themselves to knit blogging, y'know? But several dear friends have been e-mailing me, asking me what's up and how the new job is going, so I figured I'd better keep in touch.

The job is great. All the perks are great, plus it turns out that we can wear jeans on Fridays. And go home at 4. It just gets better and better. My "big" boss still asks at least once a week if I'm happy and am I really going to stay. He's adorable. And my direct boss even left a note on my desk one day to tell me that I'm doing a fantastic job, etc. It's like the polar opposite of my last place. Who knew that getting laid off would be one of the best things that could happen to me? I'm in sunny Irvine, CA this week for training. It's so wonderful to sleep with the windows open again. It's nice to get a sneak peak of spring. I notice the smell in the air - of green things growing - more than the temperature. I bought some pansies a few days ago to plant on my balcony, but then we got another cold snap and they weren't going to survive the week I'm gone (much less be able to be planted in the rock-hard soil in the containers) so I gave them to my parents. I must be happier than I've been in a while, because I blew off planting anything on the balcony for the last two summers.

There's another reason for the sprucing, though. The monk is coming. He's decided to celebrate his 40th birthday with me. Joy. I haven't seen him in 3 1/2 years and now he wants to come visit me for his birthday and St. Pat's (which I ignore since I'm not Irish nor interested in drinking that much but I'm sure he'll expect to be entertained appropriately.) I was really excited for a while about seeing him again, but... well.... it's a long story not suitable for a blog. Basically he said something he shouldn't have and churned up a lot of bad/sad/angry feelings I thought I'd gotten over and now I'm not looking forward to seeing him at all. But he had a bad couple years, what with almost cutting his hand off and all, and I should be kind. And it's only for two days. Usually we don't want to kill each other until day 4, so maybe a weekend visit will go OK. At least I'll finally have someone to practice my Japanese on. And there's a slight chance that he'll be nice to me, since he's begun calling me instead of the other way around, and even called on Valentine's Day. And I keep asking myself, "What does he want?" Why can't I just meet a nice man who loves me back so I can shed all of these losers who keep me from being totally alone?

There's one undeniable good thing about his impending visit though - serious housework is being done. It's astounding, really. The cats are freaking. Their obstacle course is gone. I've found items that I thought were lost (nothing important, just things like the TITLE OF MY CAR and stuff like that.)

So, basically, things are good with me. Job's great, got a mini-vacation in CA, the apartment is much cleaner, and I have man issues, which is better than no man interaction at all. How are you???



How am I? I'm great. I thought of you yesterday when I drove through "our" Starbucks to get my dreaded ventipeppermintmochanonfatnowhip. Crap, I hate that I'm addicted to those darn things.

Call when you get back in town!


so glad to hear things are going so well! i was in irvine, ca in january! enjoy the weather while you can. it's good to "hear" from you :). enjoy your time with the monk, too.


Glad to hear you are back! Okay - so if you need a perk up after the monk comes come out and visit the lambs - hell, what am I saying just let me know when you want to come out - you don't need an excuse but they'll perk you up from any man trouble -guaranteed!

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

Hi! Glad you are back, glad the new job is going well, & I'm glad you get to go to sunny California this time, instead of the wilds of New Jersey!


Glad to see you! Sounds like some great changes. I'm so happy for you. Hope to see you knitting again soon.

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