I Could Drop Dead at Any Moment

Remember how I went to the doctor a little over a week ago? Well, since I hadn't been to one in a really long time, he did some basic tests. I am chunky, after all, so a cholesterol and blood sugar were in order. And he has a thing for Vitamin D, so he tested that too. Other stuff too, but not relevant to this.

So, I got the results back this weekend. Turns out I'm a time bomb. No, really. Well, not really, but that's how I feel. I asked my Dad who is on Lipitor how high his cholesterol was when his doctor put him on it. It was lower than mine is. By like 15 points. It's a miracle my blood still flows at all. And the blood sugar? Not bad enough for me to have to start shooting myself up, but bad enough to be pre-track-marks girl.


I mean, I know I live on junk. Green items in my fridge tend to turn to unidentifiable mush before they could turn into dinner. I hit the drive-thru A LOT, but usually in the interest of time savings (eat while driving, not have to clean kitchen) than because I actually like the stuff. I am not a grease junkie, I am a convenience junkie. There is a difference! And then you get your lab results back.


And I know that I have more strength and endurance than people a lot younger than me. I may get sore and tired, but I don't let it stop me from doing anything I want to do. I'd rather move than sit any day - that is, until this knitting thing came along. But I wouldn't call my activity "regular exercise" by any means.

So, some menu and activity revamps are in order. (Really? Ya think????) Breakfast will no longer be skipped, and will consist of oatmeal. Walks will be taken every other day. No more drive-thru food. (That one isn't so hard with the broken window.) Therefore, I will be making and packing my lunches. This part will be fun. Really. You'll find out.... And no more soda, diet or otherwise, free or otherwise. 3 cups of green tea a day.

That sounds pretty doable, right? I mean, I can honestly say I don't care how long I live, as long as it's a good life. But sticking myself with needles, or having to shop in one of those little motorized chairs? No thanks.

(Is doable a word?)

Anyway, there's one more:


That little Vitamin D test that I thought nothing of? Well, it's a miracle I don't have rickets. Normal is 20 - 100. Mine was a 7. I think only vampires have a level that low. So now I'm on prescription Vitamin D, which I'm nervous about, because Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and can build up in your system to toxic levels if you take too much. (If you didn't know, A D E and K are fat soluble, B and C are water soluble. Water soluble vitamins don't hang out in your system and it's really hard to get too much. That's why you can take all the Vitamin C you want when you're sick and it won't hurt you.)

So, the point of all this personal information that you don't need is to tell you that if you think you're doing OK, you might not be. If you don't have a regular doctor and you have insurance, get one. Ask him to test your Vitamin D if he doesn't mention it. Many of us live in our homes and office buildings and only see sunlight in the parking lot. And if we're only eating junk... well ... it's fixable, but only when we know what has to be fixed.

This concludes my public service announcement. Carry on.



I'm a fan of walking if you ever wanna a partner...
Someday I'll get Kara to walk to Ted Drewes...sure it defeats the walk but hey it better than a mile drive there.

Sue J.

I was in your exact position (except for the Vitamin D) about 5 years ago. I started on the oatmeal for breakfast, the walking, the no junk food, no pop, the whole 9 yards. I can tell you that it all works. It was killer for me to change so much all at once, but I did it and now my cholesterol in under 200. You can do this!!! Thanks for speaking out. Lots of us need the proverbial kick in the butt.


Gah! What the heck?! I do go to the dr. every year and I do bloodwork and all, but yikes. Glas you went there missy. Get over here and eat something green, will ya?

Hey. Convenience and green go together at Trader Joes. Had awesome chicken sausages from there this weekend. And easy turkey meatball sandwiches (microwave, hello?) are my kid's favorites. And they're way cheaper than schn**cks.

Call me and let me cook for you. We'll get that Cholesterol down!


Yikes! Good that you found out now and not when it's too late to make changes! I'm doing Weight Watchers and love it. It's really teaching me about eating habits and exercise, though I've been eating out with all the traveling. Makes ya think about all the "fun" we had when we were younger!


Oh dear!
Good thing oatmeal is actually pretty yummy. (I put dried fruit in mine)
Lucky and good you got tested and have time to change!


good for you for trying to eat and live healthier. i worry about high blood pressure and high cholesterol because it tends to run in my family. i have a bit of a temper, so i won't be surprised if i have high blood pressure in the future. i really feel so much better about myself now because i'm eating a lot healthier, and walking the dogs regularly helps.


I second the trader joes and weight watchers suggestions but wanted to add that Amy's Organic brand makes great healthy convenience foods. I love their frozen pocket sandwiches... a few minutes in microwave or 20 minutes in oven... super easy way to get vegetables. Good luck!


I had that Vitamin D test done 8 weeks ago and scored a 9. Yikes! I've been on the prescription for 8 weeks & am scheduled for more blood work on Monday. I'm pretty sick of being poked with needles, but at least I have a mammogram scheduled that day too. Could it get any more fun?


Oh, I meant to add, there's a really nice cookbook called _Not Your Mother's Slowcooker Recipes for Two_. I have some other cooking for two cookbooks I like. Cuts way down on the leftovers and the slowcooker is really convenient. There's even a recipe for cooking your oatmeal overnight so it's ready when you come downstairs in the morning. Good luck!


Hi! I started an exercise/eat right program five weeks ago and the key for me has been PLANNING. I figure out what to make for the week's lunches (usually a grain-based salad since I'm a vegetarian) and 2-3 dishes to rotate for dinners. There's no way I could have stuck to it without figuring it all out in advance. Also - keep lots of snacks on hand - apples, oranges, the like. If I'm hungry, I eat. I just don't eat out of the vending machine any more. Good luck - I'm sure you can do it! :o)

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