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8 Facts about Maggie and Mitsy

Mai tagged me for the latest random things meme, but I don't do those. I already tell you all everything you need to know. But Mitsy is basking in her renewed internet stardom and suggested I give you facts about her and Maggie.

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1. Maggie and Mitsy have the same father but different mothers, and their mothers were sisters. So they’re half-sisters and cousins at the same time. Only in the 4-legged world or in some southern states is this acceptable. Even before I brought them to live with me, out of the 6 kittens frolicking around my sister’s house, they were buddies. I picked Maggie and Mitsy picked me. Maggie was the only tabby of the six and I just had to have her. A week later, while contemplating getting a second kitty so Maggie wouldn’t be lonely, tiny 3-week-old Mitsy fell asleep in my lap. Who could resist?
2. Maggie was named for the French author Marguerite Duras. (She wrote The Lover among other things.) Mitsy was named for Mitsy Gaynor, an actress popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s.
3. When drinking water from the bathroom tap, Mitsy prefers to lick the faucet while Maggie prefers to drink from the bowl. I know they’ve been hydrating if Mitsy has the sniffles (it went up her nose) or if Maggie has a wet head.
4. While Maggie will only eat cat food, but any flavor of cat food, Mitsy will only eat certain flavors (chicken or turkey) but will also eat rubber bands, bologna rinds and a few other things that we promised never to speak of again.
5. Mitsy owns the entire apartment with the exception of the couch and me. Maggie gets those. Not a fair distribution of territory, it would seem, but they make it work. Well, they really don’t, as Maggie is often found under a chair hiding from Mitsy after daring to nap in a different part of the apartment, but it would seem that if Maggie wants to sit on the couch with me, Mitsy has to get down. And she does. Cats are weird. But if there’s a real mouse in the apartment, they tag-team.
6. Mitsy loves toys. Maggie prefers to watch Mitsy play. No amount of cajoling or purchasing of 2 toys and presenting them simultaneously or even putting Mitsy in another room will get Maggie to play. She’d just rather watch. (With the exception of a couple of toys with bells, the sparkly fish from SP11, and she’s been known to pop bubbles if I blow them at her.) And they share the mice.
7. Since they were kittens, if they truly treasure something, they’ll put it in or near their food bowls. They hadn’t done that in a long time, but the sparkly fishies were there a day or two after they received them. High praise for my secret pal’s taste in cat toys. If they treasure me on a particular day, they put their toys in my shoe.
8. Maggie is quite happy being a cat. She wants to eat and sleep, preferably undisturbed. Her needs are simple and few. Mitsy, on the other hand, seems to be watching me and taking notes on how to be a person. I’m quite confident that she’ll be homecoming queen in her next life. I hope for her parents’ sake she’ll have given up climbing out of windows.

Maggie tags Duncan and Mitsy tags Riley and Ziggy.


Secret Pal

I'm so very glad that Maggie and Mitsy loved the fish. WE had fun picking them out; I had help from my little one.

We'll have to see if we can find something else that they will like.

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