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I’ve been reminded that I’m supposed to be posting to my blog on a regular basis. You all know that if I have something to say, I’m here with all the details. Lately I’ve been working 16 hour days, not knitting a stitch, and getting accustomed to thyroid medication. That’s about it. I haven’t been to a knitting group for weeks, my roommates don’t speak English or Japanese, and I’m too tired to even read at night. Not much to report. Do you really care that NEWS's new cd comes out November 7th? Do you care that I have a work trip to Disney World in 3 weeks? Do you care that I switched to Method cleaners? No, I didn't think so.

I did have a birthday. I turned the dreaded 39. I’m quite sure that had something to do with my current malaise. As a present to myself, I took my sewing machine out of the box. I purchased it in February, I think. And it sat in the box, unopened, for 8 months. I don’t have any projects in mind, so there wasn’t any rush. But I finally had a moment of inspiration on what to do for my downstream SP, so I figured it was time to get it out.

I put it on the table and opened the manual. I looked at the diagrams detailing its 437 parts. OK, only 42, but they’re complicated. Did you know these things come with different ways to wind bobbins, and different presser feet, and different sized needles, and that the tension is adjustable, and that basically there are 13,453 ways to screw stuff up? Well, there are. And I got a simple one – it only does 30 or so different kinds of stitches. 30! So I put the dust cover on it and haven’t touched it since. I did go to the fabric store, but the choices in fusible interfacing got my mind spinning again, so I left empty handed. This is additional stress in my life that I do. Not. Need. And mommy is in Italy, so I can’t ask her. It’s just going to have to wait.



no (don't know who they are?), yes, and no (sorry, i love you but hearing about your dry cleaner is not terribly thrilling for me haha)


We've been wondering what happened to you lately. Darn work.

I might be able to offer a simple sewing tutorial, but I'm gonna bet your mom would be better equipped to help you out. I know enough to be dangerous. :P


mm...maybe we need to go take a few lessons on getting to know our machines. I think that sew it seams on manchester can help us..let me know

glad you are still kicking - and 39 - you are such a baby still!



Secret Pal

I'm a happy sewer. I use my machine ALL the time. While I can't help you with yours (I'm 4 hours away and it's a job best done in person...), I can tell you that Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing is an awesome book that came out recently and can help you decipher things like fusible interfacing and presser feet. I got it recently and love it, but it would be a perfect gift to self for a beginner.

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! That makes me a loser of a secret pal! Happy Belated B-day!

I'm just about ready to send your next surprise to you. Only a few finishing touches left.

BTW, what type of sewing machine did you get?


Happy Belated Birthday! I miss seeing your smiling face. I'm sorry work has been keeping you so busy. If it makes you feel better, I've had my grandmother's sewing machine in my craft room for over 2 years now, and still haven't used it - too scared!


Happy Belated Birthday!!


Hey, happy belated birthday! I care deeply that you have switched to Method cleaners. I haven't sewn in a long time, but that doesn't stop me from being very opinionated about the different types of fusible interfacing. It was so good to see you yesterday.

Siow Chin

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm going to have mine on Monday :). I remember started using my machine quite soon after I got it. It was a rather basic one so it helped :):)

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