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Bad Batch and Knitting Postage

Sorry to be so absent, especially if you're really wishing that the pretty boys would drop down the page. (But you know they'll be back, so... get over it.) Anyway, I've been really tired lately. Now, I have friends who have really serious conditions that exhaust them, so I'm not saying my tiredness has been a big deal, but the labs came back saying that my thyroid meds had been doing nothing for me. They changed me from generic to brand name and I should be feeling pretty good in a couple weeks. But it does explain why I haven't felt like doing much.

To update you, I did go to Disney World, where I got quite teary with nostalgia, but it was mostly work and I won't bore you with all the reasons that version 5.5 will rock my world and make my clients very happy, and how after hearing how the KBM works in version 7.6 I'm not as scared of it as I was. Yeah, that kind of stuff. One funny story though. I'm at the first of many receptions, vodka tonic in hand, and I look across the courtyard to see a very attractive man. He's tall, bald, clothes hang great on him, long hands... Sound like anyone I've mentioned before? Anyway, this one's not a monk, so he's better. (Not that the other is a monk anymore either, but that's a VERY long story which I probably shouldn't tell because I signed a non-disclosure agreement to study with him. Yes, I did. Totally serious.) Anyway, so there's an attractive man 20 feet away and I gaze at him for about 45 seconds and then I get over it. Having spent a lot of time looking in the very large and very unforgiving hotel room mirror, I wasn't going to make a fool of myself. So, the next morning I'm sitting with my coworker and I mention that I saw the hottest man at the whole conference last night and if I see him I'll point him out. Coworker is male and straight and married, but we were running out of conversation topics before the whole keynote address thing started, so what the hell. They finally do get started and the MC eventually introduces the Executive Vice President of the company - the big chief of the whole shebang - and guess who gets up on stage. Uh huh. Can I pick 'em or what? I can find the money, I tell 'ya. I can't get it, but I can find it.

Oh, and I met the blind man who climbed Mt. Everest. And the tallest summit on the other six continents too. Pretty cool.

What else to catch you up... I am no longer a SP Loser and my pal has received her first package. Two more to go.

I joined Weight Watchers. (See previous paragraph re: hotel room mirrors. Add how all the other trainers I met were a size 2. And I met a BLIND man who CLIMBED EVEREST. I'm losing this stupid 80 lbs.)

Oh, I promised that this post would have knitting, didn't I??? Well, I finished Clapotis, but can't take pictures until this weekend. And have you been to the post office? The Christmas stamps this year have KNITTING on them! Yes! Knitting Postage!


OK, will that do you until this weekend? Cool.



i'm glad you enjoyed your time at disney and i hope it didn't ruin your memories :). did you catch the fireworks?


Weight Watchers rocks, however, it might not work for the thyroidless. Just an fyi, I lost on it pre thyroid surgery, but after, it just gave me too many calories and I gained on 20pts a day. My doctor told me to go on a higher protein diet (not low carb) plus a buttload of exercise and that helped more.


I liked WW...i've been just straight calorie watching but WW is much like it...Shannon knows all about the thyroid....You knitting thyroidless girls... you could have a ravelry group.

Secret Pal

So glad to see a post! You go girl! Determination is the biggest motivator in weight loss. I know. I've had to lose my share too. Maybe I'll even email you what worked for me, but I still have my thyroid...

And most recently it's been breastfeeding. Which means you have to land the guy and have a baby. I guess that might be a little too much to ask just to lose some weight, huh?

Good luck. Don't worry, they're aren't any edible people treats in the box I just sent!


I always feel like compared to my friends that my stuff shouldn't be a big deal. But as a good friend reminded me, it isn't a contest. Besides, uncontrolled thyroid _is_ a serious condition and the tiredness is a big deal. Thyroid fatigue is awful. You are going to feel so much better with the brand name stuff. It will be a lot easier to lose weight, too.

Mary Beth

I was excited to see those stamps as well!

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