Bad Batch and Knitting Postage
I'm on the other side of the planet


I'm still here. For a bit. At the end of this month I'll be going to Tokyo for two glorious weeks. That's about all that's been on my mind. I miss you guys - I truly do. I haven't missed knitting. I stopped a while back and just the other day cast on a simple scarf to work on during the trip if I find myself without anything to do with my hands.

Anyway, that was it. Bye.



Wow Tokyo... You have a fantastic time and don't get into toooo much trouble...


well, hello! i'm so happy to hear you're going to tokyo. i have no doubt you will have a fabulous time. i hope you're well!


Have a wonderful trip - I hope we can get together again soon! We've missed you


Have a great trip! I'll be in Tokyo Sept 22-26, and I'd be happy to meet up with you if you want. One of my Korean friends is coming, and her priorities are fabric/yarn/crafts/book stores--plus eating well of course--care to join us?


You must be so excited! Have a great trip. We miss you!

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