Me Again.
Not entirely unexpected

It could be worse

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For those of you who haven't heard, I'm job searching again.  Though the new administration and promised funding will be great for the EMR industry, too many doctors had adopted a wait-and-see attitude, and no sales = no money.  So, I was laid off, but amicably - I'll be free-lancing for them a bit until I find something new.

But, honestly, I can't even feel badly about it.  Too many horrible things are happening to too many people in the world for me to be upset that I can't shop anymore.  Friends of friends have daughters in ICUs awaiting lung transplants and relatives of friends have ovarian cancer and I can't even go into the devastation in Australia and other parts of the world.  Being jobless just isn't that awful.  Yet.

I keep seeing questions about what my ideal career path would be and what my dream job would be like.  I just end up thinking, "Does it matter?  Would you pay me what I want to make to do what I want to do?  No.  So stop rubbing it in."  What would I do, you ask, tentatively?  Dig wells in Africa.  That job doesn't pay very well.  I assume.  They don't list jobs like that on Monster, either.

So, the best I can do is be supportive to those who need it and reorganize my closets now that I have the time and maybe catch up on my reading or any other free activities.  And knit.  This is a chemo cap for tragically-blogless Anna's MIL.  There's a young woman in an ICU bed, as well, who is collecting paper cranes.  As you pray for a seemingly unending list of those in need, please think of them, too.



Jenn - I can't say Thank you enough for the chemo cap. I hope you find something you will love and will pay well too...

Thank you..


i'm so glad that you're being so optimistic about this. yes, things could be a lot worse, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck. i hope you find something better soon.


I'm also unemployed and I'm trying to have the same attitude about it as you (though it's getting harder and harder as the months go by!) You're right, it could be so much worse. And it's great to have this time to use to do things for others, and things that I've been wanting, needing or meaning to do.

I must say though, not having health insurance is really beginning to freak me out.

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