There are signs
It could be worse

Me Again.

Which doesn't make much sense since I got rid of the post entitled "Not Me" along with all the others that weren't about knitting or were primarily about Japanese boy band idols. I haven't forsaken them - the links were dead anyway. But, yes, I feel pretty much back to normal and I've been knitting again. I have a different blog for the fangirling that you will NEVER EVER see. I like my life compart-a-mentalized, thank you very much.

I wanted to write something ironic/funny/contemplative/profound since I've been gone for so long, but I don't have one of those posts in me right now. I can only offer pictures of knitting. Imagine. Knitting. On a knitting blog.

OK, that was ironic/sarcastic/bewildered because I was going through all the links on the sidebar and discovered that a few of my old favorites have switched to sewing or cooking and one is now a blog entirely about her puppy. I cleaned house a bit and updated the layout and style. New beginning = new look.

 OK, knitting:

09feb13 054

Pretty, ne?

Oops, there's some of that Japanese sneaking in.  You knew it would.

Pretty, right?

It's Koigu PPPM done in the Lady Eleanor Stole pattern from Scarf Style on size 3 addi lace turbos.  It will be a scarf for my Dad for Christmas.  I began it on January 31st so I could say I started my Christmas knitting in January.  Actually, this alone is pretty ambitious and I have to do something for Mom, Sis and B-in-Law as well, so an early start was proactive and wise.  *nods round-eyed in solemn manner*  Yes, very wise.

So, please let me know if you're still there.  A smiley face will do.  I'm curious.





Yea! BTW, gorgeous knitting.


I never thought to do the Lady E. in Koigu. Great idea!

I will miss the pretty Japanese boys on your blog, because I love them too! Lucky me, I'm in Sapporo at the moment hanging out and get to see them in person every day ;-) In between lots of fabric shopping and eating, of course!


great we got to visit at woolgatherings - let's not wait so long for the next time!



i'm marking all as read, but just letting you know i'm here :)


that looks so complicated and just. Brain-breaking. I hope that one day I'll be good enough to attempt something like that without wanting to die and/or hide it and pretend it never crossed my mind, haha.


You're back!

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