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So when the pattern said that it will use an entire ball with none left for swatching, I knew that it was unlikely and that I was going to need another ball.  But I held hope.  In vain.  Got to row 66 of 83 and this is where I'll have to join a new one.  The rest of the rows are the crown, so of course it will be all decreases and I'll use a fraction of the second ball, but that's OK.  This is one of my favorite colors (periwinkle in case your monitor is lying) and I'll make something with the rest.  Maybe matching ipod and cell phone sleeves or something. 

I hear that.  You're wondering about gauge.  Well, to be honest ... no.  Didn't check.  But not because I'm stupid or lazy!  There's no way I can knit this yarn (Rowan Calmer) on anything smaller than the 3s it's on, and I can't knit any tighter, either.  That makes gauge a moot point, right?  As in, no other options than what I've got?  It's a one-size hat pattern, after all.  And one size it shall be.  This one.



it's lovely and it's her favorite color - and I love calmer- you are awesome thanks again


i never swatch. oops! i NEED to make this hat.


That is truly lovely!

Thanks so much for your kind words about my Iris stole.

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