Orchids and Cyclamen and Croci, Oh My
To the city, I apologize

Repurpose the useless and unappreciated

Way back in 2005 I started on an afghan for the monk. It was an ambitious attempt, since I wanted the stripes to go lengthwise and to be long enough for his 6'6" frame.

Two years later, here is where it stood. Each stripe is a 32 row pattern, each single row taking me 15 minutes to complete. There are hours and hours and hours in this, crafted of wool/alpaca/silk yarn. It will never be finished. Why? Because 1) I don't deal with the monk anymore (and yes, I chose the word "deal" carefully, as all interaction with him seem to be some sort of transaction) and 2) Knitpicks doesn't make all of the colors anymore and I was buying them as I went along, planning to repeat the color sequence one more time.

That was two years ago.  So ... what to do with it. I'm obviously not finishing it.  Right now it's in a zippered plastic bag in a Marks & Spencer tote in the nether regions of my closet. I'm not even bothering to pull it out to photograph it again. The plan? Well, since there are three skeins of yarn in each stripe, I think I'm going to make scarves.  And donate them.  To charity.  This yarn deserves better kharma than its original purpose.



Oh, yes. The frogging of the never-ending projects. I think that will make lovely scarves for charity. :) Good call.

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