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April 2009

That Certain Something

09apr17 004

There's just something about certain projects, isn't there?  When the yarn is perfect and pattern is perfect and the needles feel good in your hands ....  This is one of those.  It's for my sister - a scarf/wrap in the Snowdrift pattern, made with RYC Wool Silk DK, and I'm using my ebony Lantern Moon needles.  OMG this feels so good to knit. 

I say scarf/wrap because even with serious blocking I'm not sure if it will be wide enough to be called a wrap.  The pattern recommends size 7 needles, but my twisted stitches just didn't have that pop that a line of twisted stitches should, and the purls were a little too loose to show off the details of the pattern, so I switched to 6s. 

I'm doing a pattern repeat a day, so this xmas gift might be finished before Mother's Day.  Is that a record?  Do I get a prize?  Anyway, I'm in love.  Blissfully.

09apr17 008