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June 2011

This Little Piggy

A couple of years ago I was “taking a break” from the world of the employed while “seeking a better opportunity.”  That sounds nice, doesn’t it?  As in voluntary?  Anyway, I was only “on a break” for a few months and it really was a much-needed time of recharging and relaxation.  I didn’t craft much.  (Yes, I’m using “craft” as as verb.  I think the prevalence of words like “ginormous” in modern media still put me at the “literate” end of the pendulum.  Yes, I like quotation marks.  No, I can’t accurately define a metaphor.  Moving on ….)  I guess I thought that sitting still and twisting string around sticks was a frivolous and irresponsible use of my time.  I should have been more gentle and forgiving of myself and just knit and crochet to my heart’s content, but I needed a different kind of accomplishment, a true sense of productivity.

didn’t want to follow someone else’s pattern to create someone else’s thing.  I wanted one of my own.  Something I could use, could make exactly as I wanted, and could label mine.  I wanted a market bag to beat all market bags with all the things that I wished mine had.  I started on a pattern and made one that wasn’t quite right and then the phone rang and I was employed and that was the end of it.  (Run-on sentence.  Check.)

OK, maybe that wasn’t quite it.  I might have also researched names, designed a logo and set the foundation for an etsy store.  But that was all.  No inventory, no sales, no need to call the accountant to ask, “Oh, by the way, do you handle sales taxes, too?”  I put everything in place and then happily went to a job where other people deal with icky things like taxes.

But I never forgot it.  The bag, not the store.  I haven’t forgotten that either, but it’s a long way from fruition, so let’s do forget about that for now.  The bag was still on my mind and I’d think of patterns and colors and sizes and cutesy names and most of all what I think it should have.  It should have a pouch for money and maybe a drivers license.  It should have a tab to snap your keys when you don’t have pockets in your yoga pants and just want to pick up some fruit on the way home.  It should have a solid bottom so you can put in a couple of honeydews without worrying about the integrity of the bag.  It should have a handle long enough to put over your shoulder and yet not so long that if you carry it in your hand, those honeydews are dragging the ground.

It should be pretty.

Marketbag_keytab Marketbag_pouch Marketbag_full It should look something like this – the “This Little Piggy Market Bag” version 2.0. in “Tea Party.”  I’m never going to be one of those people who gets a fleece from a sheep farmer, washes it, cards it, spins it, plies it, designs a shawl or sweater pattern and knits it, then proudly wears it about town.  That will never be me.  For one thing, fleeces stink.  For another, I just don’t have that kind of time.  But a string bag to carry to the Farmers Market that allows me to leave my purse in the trunk of the car and is my original design?  That I can accomplish.


I've been gone for a while. Several times I've drafted out a post to explain why, but let's just say that during a certain period of time, knitting and the knitting community were not what I needed them to be. I could write a lot and I think some would find it gratifying and/or enlightening, but as Stephanie says, "We're listening." The post I'm not posting would beg to differ, but let's just all be polite and move on.

Anyway .... I hadn't been knitting for a very long time. Then one day a few weeks ago I was out on my balcony watering my flowers and my newish, rarely-seen neighbor came out to her balcony and we started talking and eventually she hopped the railing and shared a bottle of wine with me and we got to know each other. She's a knitter! That was all it took. Someone new to me who enjoys something that I had basically shoved into plastic bins in the basement got me to re-examine it. I've been re-examining a lot of things and not because I'm in one of those "how did I get into this mess" phases, but instead because I'm in one of those "Wow, I finally got to a good place" phases.

Things are going well in many realms and frankly ... I'm a bit giddy. I'm "present" enough to appreciate things that I used to, like photography and hiking and wrapping string around sticks. I even had the attention span to read Yarn Harlot straight through from Dec 2009 to the present. Suddenly I can fish a scarf out of the bottom of a basket and spend 10 minutes weaving in the ends to call it "finished." Suddenly I'm ... satisfied. As evidenced by my unexpected appearance at Knit Nite this week, I have no idea what's going on with anyone or how you are or what you're doing. Please fill me in. I'm here!

"Midwest Moonlight" from Scarf Style

3 balls of Nashua Creative Focus Worsted

Unblocked and I don't plan to.

Please pardon the messy balcony.  I was more anxious to catch the light than to sweep first. :)